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[Northeast] went from dry loop DSL to Verizon Fios. Netflix wor

We've had dry loop DSL successfully for the past 6 years and it has served us well until recently. The connection would drop frequently several times a day requiring a router reboot.
Verizon wouldnt fix and insisted that we upgrade to a FIOS with slightly fast speeds for the same price. Installation was successful.
Checked out download and upload speeds, and they are faster now with FIOS, but NETFLIX lags horribly. Its actually slower to queue up than with the DSL.
didtnt think we were going to go backwards with fiber!
We were provided the Actiontec MI424-W2.

Speedtest results were Ping =310ms Down=4.90 Up=1.37

Warwick, RI

Re: [Northeast] went from dry loop DSL to Verizon Fios. Netflix

What speed tier are you supposed to be getting? 3/1?
When you ping 310ms, what is the ping target?
What results do you get when you tracert to some place like dslreports.com? Post results please.

Buckingham Pa
Buckingham, PA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to memagil
If the device you're using to bring in Netflix is connecting by wireless, consider converting to wired Ethernet. Even with the very high speed FiOS service I have, I was having many issues with streaming until I "plugged in"...even with great signal strength, streaming connections would occasionally drop or lag, perhaps because of interference from the neighborhood. You may also want to manually configure your DNS settings in the router for OpenDNS servers or other alternatives, rather than using the VZ servers. I found performance better all around after doing that.

That said, you do have marginal service speed-wise for streaming, especially if there is anything else going on at the same time. It will not take much to disrupt the streaming and cause waits for buffering, etc.


Plano, TX
What DNS servers are you using? Do you get 300ms to your gateway? Have you tried the Verizon speedtest? »speedtest.verizon.com/fios300/