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Detroit, MI

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reply to Cartel

Re: Anonymous Hacks United States Sentencing Commission Webpage

said by Cartel:

We are not gonna have a internet if this keeps up.

Way too late in the game for any agency to be able to shut anything down. They can shut themselves off but that is about it. They have no control over anything on or the internet itself so I just don't see how we would lose the internet over anything like this as they just don't even have a say so about it (Pirate Bay anyone?). The only thing the guberment can do now is just make empty threats and look extremely foolish doing so.

The guberment has had a multitude of opportunities to get their shit in order and decided to not pay attention to history. Now we have history repeating itself in digital form with modern day rebels reminding them that this is not "I the guberment" that is actually in control of the country (and the internet).

The guberment has people like you fooled into thinking there is something they can do while you live in that false fear of losing your digital toys which, there is nothing they can do about that either. They sure as hell got you fooled into believing that they can huh? (Hey look, another repeat of history!)

I myself will take the legal routes into getting my voice heard however, I am pleased to see that someone out there is willing to stand up and help us out while the rest of you just whine about the guberment while doing nothing about it.
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