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Re: [Connectivity] Purchase your own modem = Comcast interfering

I am starting to wonder if my routers may be involved. I have two Linksys 54 routers with Tomato running on them and they have and addresses. They are both linked together where the router is wirelessly bridged into the other one.

I was surfing again this AM and the connection locked up. Speeds tests through Chrome came back really low (700k/300k). When I tried to hit the modem, I couldn't reach the page to refresh it. When I tried to hit my routers, they were taking a long time to come up and display. I would think since my wireless routers sit behind my modem, I would be able to hit them regardless of what's going on with Comcast's network. However, I couldn't hit them for some seconds if not about a minute.

I have some more troubleshooting to do and may need to completely dismantle my network and rebuild piece by piece with testing each time for a few days. It can also be the laptop, which is relatively new. I just noticed the firmware for my routers are 3 versions out of date (1.25). I am going to start there.

Any other ideas appreciated.
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