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Detroit, MI
reply to chgo_man99

Re: [Rant] Do not go for vacation to Hong Kong

said by chgo_man99:

Its one thing when salesmen don't tell you about something you might wanna know but its another thing when they are friendly and lie straight to your face about the product. Also its another thing when store sales new product for 2x price other store charges and another when it sells old crap describing as "new" for 10x the price. That was not isolated incident. I came across a few like that.

That also happens here in the U.S. as well. You don't get out much do you? I guess there goes shopping for you here in U.S. huh?
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San Jose, CA
Yes they happen but you won't find them in high traffic popular centers. They are usually run in holes or anonymously through eBay etc. they are not next to Barnes or nobles or near them for sure. Plus big retail here is so more competitive that that most will go out of business if customers find out they're cheated. Not so in HK where I see a bit of communism and much worse consumer protection where sellers see themselves above customers, where what customer voices does not matter.

Bottom line it happens a lot more often in HK than in the US for sure!