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Re: Public Forum Request: Start Communication!

said by silvercat:

1. If i recall, before Teksavvy got their own forum placed in the main Canadian forum section, they did not have another forum -- not even an "adhoc" one.

2. Topics with regards to Start Communications are being created in two places: the Start "adhoc" (whatever that means) forum, and in Canadian Broadband. Both places have moderate activity (or i should say, enough that it's "noticed").

3. The question is, if Canadian Broadband was the only forum where topics could be created (with regards to Start Communications), would the traffic generated be similar to Teksavvy related threads before they got their own forum ?

4. So what i suggest is this: Rocca i do not know if you can make topics "sticky" in the Start forum. If you can that would help (or we could ask a mod). I would suggest a sticky topic be created in the Start forum, suggesting that all Start related threads get created in Canadian Broadband until such time that the Start forum be moved to a more visible area (main Canadian forum section).

Sound good ?

1. Yes, Teksavvy had an Adhoc forum. All their topics in Canadian broadband were actually moved to their adhoc forum because there were so many. Pages and pages. Not the odd few like we see here with Start.

2. So ask the mod to move all Start topics to the Adhock forum. This way everyone can see the little traffic which in no way compared to Teksavvy's. Acanac had more and were refused.

3. No. This is very visible. Other topics were literally buried by TSI topics here. Thus why they moved it all to the teksavvy adhoc at the time. The tiny few start topics don't compare to what went on then with teksavvy.

4. Why would someone do that and create spam for nothing when they already have a forum and you know about it?

Other than some whiny kids (not like all 5 pages in the forum request in the other forum are all different people, or people who frequent the site more than twice a year), Start has no where near what TSI had, or how Acanac started and was refused. And Ebox for that matter.

The traffic in their own forum is pretty minimal with gaps in days between topics. Seriously, it's low. Nor does it bring anything to the table in terms of the broadband community as a whole. All they want is exposure. Nothing more. Thus why rocca wants it as well. For no other reason than to try and generate sales.

What does this reseller bring to the table? What is unique? Just another reseller who is Ontario-centric only. Unlike what TSI was.

Why not add a Quebec-centric reseller like Ebox?

Other than meeting the forum owner on some discreet park bench and handing over a bag of money, why should start get exposure just because? It certainly isn't the massive amounts of topics flooding this forum (like what happened with TSI) and traffic. That's for sure.

And when TSI had their adhoc forum, there was heavy traffic. Pages. Not a few piddly topics here and there that just keep on repeating the same things over and over again from a previous topic. Very big difference went on that you are selectively ignoring and pretending didn't exist.