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New York, NY
reply to CylonRed

Re: [Rant] Do not go for vacation to Hong Kong

said by CylonRed:

I think you idea that they should know English well, is really not very reasonable...

I know a pastry chef who does culinary tours of other countries like Italy. He does visit major tourist cities and he goes off the beaten path. You can learn how to make fresh pasta from 85 year old grandmothers who do not know a LICK of English but are in major tourist cities.

In Europe - there is no rule to know different languages in tourist areas. English is know just because most business is done in English with the US being the largest economy for many decades. Many folks in Europe know more than one language because there are many countries that are so close together. Europeans know more than one language because of the close proximity of other languages.

The majority of educated people in Hong Kong do speak English, as it was (and in many cases still is) required in schools. It was a crown colony for over a hundred years following the Treaty of Nanking (with a brief remand to the Japanese during WWII).

I noted your earlier comment, which indicates you're fairly ignorant of Hong Kong's history, so hopefully you'll find the above information useful.