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New York, NY
reply to chgo_man99

Re: [Rant] Do not go for vacation to Hong Kong

said by chgo_man99:

said by Fir_Na_Tine:

I guess everyone sees the world with different eyes. Going to a Asian country and complaining they don't speak much English and then complain when they come here and don't speak it is pretty much lame.

Dude get a book and learn some of the language.

And what language to speak? Hong Kong is Cantonese unlike rest of China that speaks Mandarin, but found out some few places like taxi cab drivers speak Mandarin. Cantonese is not the same as Mandarin. Chinese is not like language of western countries, i.e. if they speak Portugese, they write and speak in Portugese.

If Hong Kong wants to stay competitive in global financial business, less locals speaking of fluent English won't help them. Dude its not like I expected them to speak English in Wan Chai, but in IFC mall tower? And that experience in restaurant I described used bilingual menu.

Ocean Park is nice but I already been to one in San Diego, I had no interest in visiting amusement park in a foregin country where I had less than 1 week to stay.

As for supermarket, everyone there is nice. I never had problems at 7-11 store. You'll impress me once you tell me that a camera shop salesman did not try to rip you off for something worthless for 10x of price. If thats what they do to tourists and government does nothing about it, they still exist, f*ck them if thats how they treat them, they won't come back for sure.

British HK is on the decline, which is unfortunate. Many HKers lament the horde of mainlanders, as they are not hip to the local culture, and don't really give a damn about its preservation. It's the way things will be, as the SAR is a part of greater China. The same is happening with Macau SAR, following the departure of the Portuguese.

Many of the folks who didn't communicate with you in English were likely not confident in their knowledge of it. They certainly have studied it, unless they managed to miss all 13/14 years of primary and secondary school. Others may simply be mainland transplants from Guangdong, where Cantonese is also spoken.

I still fondly remember the bars closing, and heading to 7/11 with fellow expats to enjoy drinks by the harbour. It's a magical place for folks with an imagination.

HK is amazing.