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[Speed] disappointed in slow speeds. Evansville, IN only!

Pay for 20 Mbps and most the time I get 6-8 Mbps. Also disappointed in the fact I can't stream movies anymore most the time and they have no eta on a fix. Said it had something to do on Time Warner's backend. Last night it kept buffering every 30 seconds even in SD. It occurred right after they put the phone in but the tech came out and said they are having issues with it. While he was there I got like 5.83 Mbps DL and he said that is normal because all the people on it. (10 am Friday morning). Right now I am actually getting 14 Mbps which is probably the first I noticed it going at decent speeds all week but still having buffering issues.

Probably going to give it another week then decide to look for another provider since pretty much the only thing I want the net for is streaming.
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Louisville, KY
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Re: [Speed] disappointed in slow speeds. Evansville, IN only!

Mines been like this for a couple months, worse recently. I can't work/game while my wife is watching netflix. Moving soon, may do the same and look for something else



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I did call another provider who comes for hook up on 2/11. I can cancel the set up any time before so if it is fixed before then I will. Not going to have high speed internet that I can't stream movies on and was getting 5 mbps again today.
Had another provider at this house and never remember it going under 20% of what I was paying for.
What's with all the moderated post here? Didn't have that on my previous provider board here either.
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