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Philadelphia, PA

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reply to gate1975mlm

Re: [X1] Xfinity X1 now available to New Customers in Philly!


I just found out that this new X1 DVR box also does not have the issue that older DVR boxes have where when you have it hooked up to a Audio Receiver and the sound would drop out for a second or two when going from a "commercial to tv show" or when you fast forward and rewind.

I always hated that and this is a very nice surprise that this issue is finally fixed!

I noticed my Denon Receiver always now says "Dolby Digital" on the display even when a commercial comes on or I Fast forward and rewind. Which I guess is why the sound does not drop out anymore. With my last DVR Box when a commercial would come on or I fast forward and rewind my Denon Receiver would switch from saying Dolby Digital to something else.

Anyway so glad this is fixed and is a nice bouns to having the X1!

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
I know there is an update for the SA/Cisco boxes that I think is going to be fixing some of those audio issues you've mentioned. »forums.comcast.com/t5/XfinityTV- ··· 7#M61104 so there's still hope.