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Richmond Hill, GA

[DSL] DSL reliability in Silva, NC

I have an IP Camera and Thermostat in a 2nd house hooked wirelessly to Frontier DSL via a 7550 Modem/Router.

The problem is that they stop working after a day or so and then I have to drive six hours to reset the 7550.

Is it unreasonable to expect an internet setup like this to work more than a day or so at a time?

Also, I don't know if I am getting power glitches. Would power glitches mess up the 7550?

Do you think a UPS attached to the 7550 help?


North Tonawanda, NY
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It's not unreasonable. The 7550 and 7500 I have handy has been quite stable and I've not needed to reboot it. There's also one device connected wirelessly to it at all times and it works fine. I've had close to 20 Wireless devices on a 7550 as well, tends to hold out quite well.

I would double check to make sure if you're accessing your IP Camera and Thermostat via an IP address that the connection itself isn't perhaps dropping and causing the modem to either not reconnect, or to change your IP address. The IP address deal is easily solved with Dynamic DNS..

Do these devices use UPnP to automatically open up their ports in your router? If they do you may want to disable UPnP and instead do some manual port forwarding, since my own experience with UPnP on most routers is that it is buggy and quite prone to break after a few days, warranting the 'ole reboot to fix.

As they are also Wireless, I would recommend shutting off Auto Channel Detection and locking the Wi-Fi to use just one channel.


Richmond Hill, GA
I'm glad to hear that the 7550 Modem/Wireless Router is normally stable.

I do not fully understand your suggestions.

The manufacturers of both the Thermostat and the IP Camera provide a service for Dynamic DNS. I don't have to do any port forwarding. All I have to do is assign a unique port, and their service handles the rest.

I also don't know how to shut off Auto Channel. I can look at the internal registers of the 7550 when I am at my 7550's location, but not from here (400 miles away). I also cannot find any user's manual for the Frontier/Netgear 7550.



Rochester, NY
reply to arkayem
I had something like this too. The best I could comeup with is may have had something to do with the IP lease. All it took was a modem reboot to get it to work. So heres maybe a cheap way to reboot the modem just get a light timmer and set it to allways on and have it turn off for a short time and then on again this will reboot each day for you.


Richmond Hill, GA
That sounds like a good idea! I will try it the next time I am at the location. I will also get a battery backup to help the modem get over those power glitches.