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Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to opinionmine

Re: Western Digital 1TB DVR Expander

Amazon can get really crazy with constantly changing prices. I did see the $79.99 price(1.5TB) a few minutes ago and now it is $110. What da hell happened within a few minutes for them to drastically change the price? Is it because they have been getting alot of hits since you posted the link.

Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago while looking at TV on Amazon. I saw a 48 inch TV for $499 and was ready purchase it. Within a few hours, the price had changed to $579. A $80 increase within a short period of time.

said by opinionmine:

Just saw this at Amazon: it's the 1.5TB version of the drive I use at a fantastic price. Only a couple left.

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A small change, mine says eu32 but it is likely the same drive (don't see an EU32 drive on Amazon).

In the reviews someone reviews it and they are using it with FIOS too.


Was it someone here who brought the two that were available at $79.99? It now says in stock and the price is up $30.


Montclair, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
Just checked that. Amazon had if for $79.99, but now is out of stock for 2-to-4 weeks. A third party seller, selling on Amazon, has it for the $110 price. It's important to differentiate. I rarely buy from any third parties on Amazon. It makes dealing with returns more problematic - unless that third party is affiliated with the Prime program.


I just checked it again.

Now it shows (in the right panel-more buying choices) that you can again get it from Amazon for $79.99.


Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to bsangs
The $79.99 price was the initial main price listed on the site when the poster posted the initial link a few hours ago. That main page price has now switched to $109.95


Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to opinionmine
The unit available from the amazon warehouse is now $94.06 today Sunday(3:45pm) and was $79 yesterday.(Saturday)

Yesterday, it said that the $79 amazon unit had a 2-4 week delivery and today it says you can get it on Tuesday. WTF they are playing these games on the consumer.

Amazon's constantly changing prices are just amazing:)

Jersey Shore is back again.

Red Bank NJ

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said by navyson:

WTF they are playing these games on the consumer.

It's called capitalism..... (Guess U never noticed when ground beef is a $1.99/lb and then low and behold its $3.99/lb, supply and demand can suck at times)