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Philadelphia, PA
reply to JeepMatt

Re: [X1] Xfinity X1 now available to New Customers in Philly!

said by JeepMatt:

Glad you had better luck than me.

Got the DVR installed - working awesome. I LOVE THE GUIDE.

Problem: He also brought 2 X1 HD boxes to replace my existing ones (wasn't even told this would be happening).

After over an hour of trying - couldn't get the boxes past "Step 6" of loading. Was on the phone with dispatch, etc - told me to call him if it didn't come up in 30 minutes. Had to go out - come back 2 hours later. Still nothing. Left a message for the tech on his cell phone (he left me his #) - this was 3 hours ago. No call back.

So, called the national 877 # - they couldn't get anything to work - can't even get a hit through to the 2 HD boxes. All they could do is make me another appointment for Monday. I know there has to be someone in Tier 2 or 3 that could get this to work - but my patience is thin today.

So, now 2 of the 3 TV's in my house have no television. My partner is going to kill me. Every god damn time I try to do something - Comcast, FIOS, whoever - something back fires on me.

So - this has definitely taken the fun off the whole situation.

Sorry to hear about your issues

Hopfully you get it sorted out soon.

C'mon the U
Seattle, WA
·Verizon FiOS
Well naturally no one ever called yesterday like I had been told to try and get the boxes working - so looks like it'll be 3 days of no TV on 2/3rd's of the sets in my house.

Classic customer service story....

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow...