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reply to BliZZardX

Re: Sudbury ON - FibreOP FTTH - job fair Thursday 6pm

Sorry about that BliZZardX, I'd love to post some speedtests but I wouldn't trust the results right now. My strong machine is down for maintenance so I'm stuck using an aging netbook with a 3400rpm hard drive, and it can't properly keep up with anything.

What I can tell you:
-I'm on the slowest rate, which is 10/1
-Downloads consistently hit >1.2MB/s 24 hours a day, with burst speeds quite a bit higher
-Upload is unconfirmed but when I did try Vianet's speedtest it appears to be as claimed (1mbit)
-Browsing appears to remain acceptable while DL bandwidth is saturated (using my initial attempt at router QOS rules)
-Average ping to google.ca is 8ms, but jitter is around 10-15ms...

What I can't tell you:
-If the jitter in the ping test is typical/accurate, it could well be my netbook or my router which hasn't been tuned yet
-How things act when UL is maxed out
-How things act when UL AND DL are maxed out