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Cincinnati, OH
reply to NovaRoam

Re: Need Advice on CB FiOptics

I have FTTN internet and TV. I had DirecTv for years before. The controller took some time to get a handle on the buttons and I can't get the PIP to work. But, that might be my TV, I don't know. The HD DVR I have is alright. Not on DriecTv's level. I don't seem to get the lag that some on this forum deal with. To play a show that you record it takes about 5 taps on the enter button. Menu prompt after menu prompt to get to play this episode. My wife has complained that some of her shows don't record, but that might be user error.

The internet is spot on. Speed were it should be. No problems there.

The price is in the right spot. That is the big thing for me. I get the channels I want. Internet speed I want. And a serviceable HD DVR. I know that the software on the DVR is not up to DirecTv standard, but everything is cheaper.

This is a half way positive post so I fully expect it to be buried in negative posts and pushed down the forum here. I think Time Warner must patrol this forum.