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Max Mouse

reply to PhilipG

Re: [HN9000] Why am I getting fapped during the fap-free time?

I was able to figure it out in a short time when It happened to me didnt fap luckily... but the allowance was still going down after 2am..... it might be fixed now but the times were messed up... For me its was resetting download allowance like every 2-3 hours and the fap free time was changed from 2am to 7am to 6:30 am to 11:30 am... yeah totally not safe to set your download timers at this point...


Vinton, LA
Still broken. The resetting time is back to normal, but my allowance is still going down during the 'fap-free' time. HN9000 user.


reply to Max Mouse
I had noticed that the date on my HN9000 jumped back to December 20 at somewhere around 9pm, the uptime said 50 minutes and did not budge.

This morning at 2AM my download zone did not kick in. I guessed it had something to do with the time being incorrect. So I rebooted it, and now it says it's about 2:30AM on Jan 4, 2000! But still no download zone.

The usage history page ends on 1/23.

Refills seem to be going normally as far as I can tell. Unfortunately I have to work for 6 more hours tonight and my scheduled refill is 7 hours away, so I can't really test out seeing what happens when I run out of allowance.

ralph mouth

reply to fillup
Wow Hughesnet. I almost went through my entire limit during the 2-7 am tonight.

Can't you get your crap together? If they have taken away the free time then I'm done with Hugesnet, I don't care if I have to break my contract. I mean the entire reason why I got the Hughesnet was the free time period.

How can they compete with Exede with this? I'll be switching as soon as I find out the time zone is gone, that they can count on.

King John

Floresville, TX
reply to fillup
Yeah mine too, my download time went back to normal but my data is still going down during no fap time. If they get rid of the download zone I'm officially done with HughesNet.