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Louisville, KY
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[Phone] Telephone Question -Louisville, KY

I have ported my telephone number to AT&T as they were offering a great deal for local service with caller ID/waiting ID for about 15.00 a month. After the port was complete, some of the people with Insight Phone and Google Voice can no longer call my telephone number. Insight Phone users receive a intercept message that my telephone number is not in service or disconnected. Google Voice customers just hear about 10 rings before my telephone finally begins to ring.

Is this normal? I contacted my new provider and they are looking in to it, but I tried to call Insight and they transferred me to about 3 different people and then disconnected the call.

I noticed a new telephone system today when I called Insight (357-4400), and I must say it is a little harder to navigate and reach a representative. Not sure if this is a TWC thing, and have yet to determine if I am happy or upset about this. I have never been disconnected by Insight before, and they didn't even try (if they even can) call me back. Customer service is slowly dwindling.