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Rockdale, TX
reply to davidhoffman

Re: DSL issues - intermittent connections and slow speed

Thank you for the suggestion David. I did the reset button and it wiped out everything, including all of my information to connect, just like you said it would do.

I set it all back up and now I am once again connected but the speed remains the same....stuck at 3Mbps when I should be getting 6Mbps. Hopefully, the up/down issue is corrected but I still need to get the speed issue corrected as well. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Btrieve Guy
Oklahoma City, OK
·AT&T Southwest
I had a similar issue last week, with sync at 1472 bits/sec when I'm paying for 3008. Posted in AT&T Direct and they checked for me, suggesting that it was either a bad port in their network or my modem was going bad. Meanwhile it came back up to speed, but intermittent loss of sync continued. Since my 3347 is only about a year old, I'm simply waiting to see what happens -- but I suspect they have quite a few network problems in this area and are scrambling to keep ahead of them.

I'm served through the Richardson facilities, so it's definitely possible that you and I are seeing aspects of the same problem...

Incidentally, the usual method of clearing transient problems from the modem is to power-cycle it: unplug its power cord, wait at least 10 seconds, then plug it back in and let it go through its boot procedures. I've not seen any recommendation that the actual reset button/switch be used, except when making firmware changes...
Jim Kyle

Warner Robins, GA
It was very weird that I had any problem at all with the ordered speed downgrade. AT&T in the past, for no apparent reason, would throttle me from 6.0 to 3.0. Sometimes they would take me down to 1.5. My modem's DSL and internet would run fine no matter how much they took me up or down. So I figure that speed tiers were controlled elsewhere in the network. When I ordered a downgrade I figured it would be set at the DSLAM or CO with a signal that did not interrupt service. It did interrupt service. The phone support person called it a synchronization problem, but he never suggested using the reset, just power cycles and various sequences of connecting phone line and Ethernet cables. None of those worked.