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To The Moon
San Antonio, TX
reply to Duramax08

Re: Can I sell my 4620LE (for someone to use on VZW?)

After some cutting of the plastic with a sharp knife, i was able to attach the ext antenna and get 100% signal.


now this is faster then my advanced plan and I could live with this but I see people getting faster speeds which i wouldnt mind having too lol.


Mars Hill, NC
·US Cellular
·Frontier Communi..
Sorry, I haven't checked this thread in a few days.

Make sure you have the antenna plugged into the port that looks like a satellite dish on it. There are two antenna ports on the UML290, and you want to be in the one with the dish on it. (See »3gstore.com/device/113_verizon_p···290.html)

Also, I set my UML290 to 4G only with the VZ Access Manager software.

What kind of antenna are you using? Do you get any better data rates if you drive closer to the tower?

You may want to make a new thread (just so you get more visibility with a more logical title) and post your issues with your SINR/RSSI numbers. Some of the folks here are very good at narrowing down signal issues.