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York, ON
reply to Cloneman

Re: [Internet] Cant surf internet when using just 10% of avail b

Yes, sorry I forgot to mention the very important fact that this problem only occurs with torrent downloading; I can use up to 60% of my available bandwidth on http downloading and still browse http comfortably. Not as good as I would expect (shouldn't I be able to use up to 90%/900kB/s and still have 100kB/s, plenty enough for http?), but much better than torrents.

I tried disabling the anti-hack features on the 2wire that someone else suggested to disable, but it didn't help at all.

We have another very nice router up and ready to go, all I need to do is figure out how to use the 2wire as a modem only. So far, I have researched 2 ways:

1) Get the super-admin password from bell. They refused. Even though we are no longer leasing the modem and we now own it, they wouldn't give up this special password

2) Update the firmware to an unlocked one. I found this guide:
» ··· mrouter/
which told me to go to the routerhomepage/tech/upgrade.html (in my case, », but I just got a 404 not found error. So I cannot find the page to upgrade the firmware.

If anyone knows any guides on how to do this off the top of their head, it would be greatly appreciated!




The reason I couldn't upgrade the 2wire's firmware is because apparently bell changed the firmware upgrade page from "" to "" in a recent (2012) secret firmware update.

I upgraded the firmware to one made by Qwest (someone said it has a better UI than the Singtel one), but there were no guides for setting up bridging mode in the Qwest firmware's UI, only for unlocked Bell and Singtel firmwares, so I was really guessing at most of it. I changed the VCI from 32 to 35 (no idea what that means or does, but a guide told me to), and I changed a bubble from "PPPoE" to "RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging", because it had the word "bridging" in it, and I wanted bridging. No idea what RFC 1483 is, and I do not know the difference between transparent and opaque bridging, but it appears to have bridged.

Then I hooked the modem up to my shiny new Netgear N600 WNDR3700 router, selected PPPoE and entered in all my Bell user/pass info, and hooray! It works!

But here's the important part: I am downloading 3 different torrents at once, maintaining an average download speed of at least 700kB/s (70% of my max), I am currently connected to 73 peers all at once, and I am still able to post this message to you! HTTP is working perfectly, and it is able to use the remaining 30% of my bandwidth just fine!

Before, if I wanted to post this message or surf the web, I would have to turn off my torrent app, and then wait several minutes for the connections to die, before I could finally use http.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your help, advice, and wisdom! I had no idea the 2wire was so terrible at handling multiple connections at once. I am curious, does anyone happen to know its actual limit? It seemed like it couldn't even handle more than a dozen or so concurrent connections.