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New York, NY
reply to SysOp

Re: Move over mouse, Windows 8 shines with a simple touch

said by SysOp:

Thanks Octavean I think I do like the wireless touch pad the best. I may order both this and the logitech to see which performs the best.

And to the others who dont like win8 thats ok each there own but I wont be using any apple products any time soon if that is what you are using. Its android, ubuntu or windows 7/8 for me.

No problem mate. I'd like to hear about which input devices you try. I think the Logitech Touchpad would be my choice.

For what its worth I run a mix of Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Apple OS X 10.8.2, iOS 6, Android and WebOS. I hear WebOS is Linux based but not sure,....

I think Logitech has a different version of their Touchpad for OS X but I suspect the feature set is all in the drivers if there is anything specific to Windows 8 for all of these devices. So in other words they likely could have added these features to their existing lineup of products.