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[Config] Catalyst 3550 config to connect to Cisco 525G2 phones f

Im looking to get a sample configs to configure my switch to support the hosted VOIP service from 8x8 using the Cisco 525g2s. I connected the switch to an internet port and it has internet access working when I connect a laptop. Now I need this power of Ethernet switch to be able to connect to the 8x8 hosted voip service and get this phones working. 8x8 recommends unmanaged switches but I need to use this switch as I have a 2 VLANS. Once for voice ports 1 to 10 and ports 11 to 24 for data.

Any ideas?

Raleigh, NC

Re: [Config] Catalyst 3550 config to connect to Cisco 525G2 phon

I'll need to know more about your network setup. How you are connected to the internet, 8x8, etc. It should be as simple as getting the phone(s) access to the internet so they can reach 8x8's servers. There's really no need for voice and data VLANs, but that does make QoS a little easier (the phones being in their own subnet.)

I have an old Aastra connected to my office PBX through a VPN. It gets a dynamic address locally and registers with the remote, private IP of the pbx. No NAT, VLANs, nothing... it's connected just like any other device.

united kingd
reply to nycdays
So you have a 3550 connected to your current DSL or cable modem?
That device won't care what the 3550 is doing so create as many VLAN's as you want. All you have to do is point a default route from the 3550 to the modem. Remember to create appropriate SVI's for each VLAN and enable IP routing on the 3550.
I took a quick look at the 8x8 site but I didn't find what protocol they use for call signalling. I know I shouldn't assume but I expect it's SIP. Does your phone have SIP firmware? Alternatively does the 8x8 set up have some way of supporting skinny?
Once we can answer those questions we may be able to move on to a discussion about QoS!
Binary is as easy as 01 10 11

reply to nycdays
Agree with what has been said already -- alot more details of your setup is needed to provide a definitive answer.

If this 3550 is behind a router that's doing your NAT (and firewall, possibly) then all you should need to do on
the 3550 is configure the VLANs, and you're off to the races.