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Secondary SSID to VPN on microtik

Hi All

I am thinking of switching my hotspot system over to a microtik based system and using usermanager.

One of the local DSL isp's has started issuing new routers for their business clients in the local central business district. Each customer has their own private wifi network, but also a secondary network for the isp's hotspot network. So as a customer you host their public wifi network equipment for them as its built into your own router that they supply.

I am assuming they are using microtik routers.

So i wonder if anyone can tell me if this is possible using a cheap microtik wireless router.

I want to run it as a switch (no routing ) and have the customer's standard SSID (customername with WPA2 encryption) bridged to the lan ports.
Then run a second SSID (freehotspot open) bridged to some sort of VPN back to an RB1100ah in our data centre with the hotspot ticketing gateway / usernanager stuff?

I know there are a couple of virtual ethernet / vpn options avaliable for microtik but it would need to go through the NATing in the rooftop ubnt radio too.

So the idea is that the second open SSID is unable to access the customers local network.

Would something like this work?

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON

Yes mikrotik should do that ok.

When you add a virtual ssid to the primary it becomes a new interface you can tie to a tunnel.
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