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Re: They pick up quick, but I might as well talk to hold music

said by Tx:

This is about the 4th post i've seen pushing the customer to leave and signup elsewhere. How about encouraging the customers who are upset to have patience no matter how frustrated they are and keep Teksavvy's growth up, not push customers away. I've never understood this just because the customer doesn't meet the "happiness criteria"?

Marc answered pretty fairly, level headed, honest. Let's stop pushing customers BACK to the big guys since that works against TSI, not with. I guarantee you, Marc, Andre, Martin or 30 other TSI staff can easily defuse most of these and keep the business rather than lose it.

Not trying to argue or be rude, just being honest. Everyone needs to switch away form the big ISP's. In order to do so, even the upset/frustrated customers need to come too.

It's easier sometimes to goto another provider. Some people are just needy and never happy.


London, ON
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Well I too would prefer customers solve their grievances with TekSavvy and remain their customers.

But in this case TekFail is boasting false facts such as the activation and move fees being pocketed by TekSavvy when they are in fact from Rogers. And insinuating TekSavvy is merely playing the blame game on Rogers.

Ive read countless threads where TSI Andre and Martin have gone above and beyond to solve problems. I've never had that kind of service with Rogers. Whenever Im making account changes on my wireless with Rogers, I ask things three times to make sure Im not being scammed into more fees. Never feel like I can trust them but I trust TekSavvy when they bill me.

I hope TSI Andre or Martin can clear the situation here. But it really seems like he simply just has bone pick with TekSavvy and is grasping at straws.