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Saint Louis, MO

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[Serious] Dental fear???

I've always been terrified of going to the dentist, ever since I was a little kid. Fell on a Sunday morning, busted off my two top front teeth, and my Mom called the dentist (family friend) and took me over to his office. He yanked the remains minus pain killer, and that did me in for the rest of my life.

Years later, dental work was mandatory while I was on Active Duty, so I had to suffer through the horrifying experience of having my jaw dislocated while my wisdom teeth were pulled by a Second Looie who didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. My roomie ran and got her boss, a bird Colonel, who immediately stepped in and took over the procedure, and took care of me for the rest of the time I was stationed in Alaska. I never went to the dentist again after I left the military, and I still have the click in my jaw from the dislocation but thankfully, no pain.

Last weekend I broke a molar eating one of those Chinese sugar cookies. Talk about PAIN???!!! Started on antibiotics right away (had them from when Chance was sick), and thankfully, had two tablets of hydrocodone here to hold things at bay; broke them in half to take off the edge. Called my Aunt to find out who she went to, and discovered that we have a dentist in the family. Called Dr. J's office, he ordered antibiotics round the clock, and I met him when I went in on Tuesday for Round #1. Told him my history, he told me he would take good care of me and explain everything step by step -- and he did. First order of business was x-rays, then a set of "around your head" x-rays. Then, lots of that pink stuff to deaden me before sticking in those gigantic needles; that pink stuff tastes like crap! Then the needles, and then my face went to sleep. Out came that broken molar, and it was ugly. Not only was it busted, but it had a strange hook on it, and it was a bugger to get it out. Left there with a prescription for Vidodin ES 750, so that I didn't have to deal with the pain; headed straight for Walgreens and asked them to put a rush on it. I was dying; the numbness was wearing off while I was waiting for the script to be filled, the pain was coming up, and I needed to be home before I took the pain meds. Drugs work!!!

Thursday, I was back in again for Round #2, for two more teeth to be removed, and two teeth to get temporary caps prior to a bridge being made on the left side. Back this coming week for one last tooth to be removed, and then a mold to be made for a bridge for the right side.

Dr. J promised me that when this is all finished, I'll be out of pain and be able to eat again. If I had known he was in the family, I probably would have undertaken this project a long time ago. As of right now, with the glaring exception of those giant needles coming at me, I seem to be totally relaxed on all the other procedures. I don't mind the needles on the outside on my teeth, but the shots on the inside of my teeth are another whole story -- they HURT.

I actually ate something besides oatmeal today. That's a helluva an improvement -- LOL!!!
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cacatne alces in silvis?
Out Grazing

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Good luck on the rest of the work. I bet it will be a relief to have it all over and done with.

Germantown, TN

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My grandmother had no teeth. I remember her taking out her false teeth to clean and complaining food just didn't taste as good with false teeth. In later years she couldn't wear the teeth and was too ill to get fitted for others so had none. I hate the dentist worse then anything EXCEPT the thought of false teeth.

Bless you Howie

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I understand your anxiety and fear of dental work. I don't have it myself, but my high anxiety about work must be similar. Almost every morning before work I'm a nervous wreck. After I'm done I feel ok for a while, then back to anxiety before bed time. It haunts me. It's ever since some things I experienced years ago, I won't go into it, but I wish to the good Lord I could somehow end it.

My one problem with dental work isn't pain, or anxiety so much, it is breathing. I can't breath through my nose very well, I have a deviated septum (thanks to a very unkind person when I was young), and I normally don't breath through my nose (yeah, I'm a dopey mouth breather). When they do dental work, the breathing is what is frustrating.

I've had teeth removed, root canals, and generally I'm ok with it (no, I definitely don't like it, and yes, feel some fear, but probably like most folks), but my fear of failure and being stupid is what distresses me.

We humans are all a real piece of work, a bag of things. Your feelings are more just than mine, but I had to comment because I identify with how you feel. It's awful. God bless you.
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reply to jopfef
The dentist is no fun but being able to eat sure is! Hope the rest of your work goes smoothly.

Deep Thought
Coello, IL

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reply to jopfef
Wow, I share your fear and pain. Hope all goes well!