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reply to iTroll

Re: Ownership of software and other works

said by iTroll :

Last I heard Android software was acquired by Google, and of course iOS is owned by Apple. So what part of the phone's software are you referring to that is owned by the carrier?

Are you saying that removing the portion of the firmware that only has to do with that carrier to use with another should be illegal?

The carrier loads software on to the device that is bundled with the phone's software. Also, most handset makers will void the warranty as modifying the software to unlock the device since that is a breach of the software licensing agreement. As for the unlock codes, it is illegal to crack them since that is considered off-limits to the user so that is considered hacking.

Back when I was in 9th grade, me and several classmates had gotten into trouble after a teacher had given us passwords and the school district installed software on computers but left the passwords as the default (which were easily obtainable) and we got into a boatload of trouble. The school system was partly to blame as they left passwords as default and the teacher (who was no longer employed by the district) gave us the passwords. We were young and this was around 1998. Some of the software involved was called LAN commander, Screen to Screen, and On Guard (all products by a company called Power On software) and this was on the Macs. While I learned my lesson, one of the other kids (who I no longer knew since I changed schools my 10th grade year) ended up killing a pizza guy and is doing life in the Iowa DOC. I was in a behavior disorder class when the computer incident occurred. I was completely out of BD class by 11th grade and I graduated on time with honors in 2002.

I learned my lesson from the computer incident back in 1998, which is why I don't access any part of a computer system or software that I am not supposed to access.

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The computers were the schools property.

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reply to IowaCowboy
The difference is that the computers where property of the city. The phone, your desktop, your game consoles are your property.

I see DVDs and Blu Rays as mine too, If I want to rip them to a media center PC for personal use with no intents to ever send that data over the internet, I will because that is my choice to do so not the choice of some content owner in Hollywood to tell me I should also buy a separate DRM and platform locked digital version.
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