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Norwood, PA

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[Other] RCN Forced increased speed = Norwood, PA

I emailed this to RCN Customer Service earlier today:

TO: RCN Customer Service

I have not received any response from you beside the automated response asking for more information which I provided below and sent to your company
4 times on 01/25/13.

This email makes it my 5th time trying to contact you, via email.
Also, I called your(866)874-8910 number today and was on hold for nearly 10 minutes without a human being picking up the phone and then I tried your (800) 746-4726 number and was hold for another 5 minutes without a human being picking up the phone.

Please answer my questions:
Why do I have to pay for the increase in internet service to MACH 20, or MACH 15
or MACH 5 when I never asked for it? YOU have forced these increases on me.

Since I did not ask for the change in my speed at any time why am I being forced to pay for YOUR upgrade?
In looking at your website it show for a Residential customer to purchase
the internet alone today the minimum speed you are offering is 50Mbps.

If you are making me take the MACH 20, or MACH 15 or MACH 5 speeds then it
is obvious you can throttle down the speed to specific homes.

If I choose to stay with your company I would like to revert back to the MACH 5 speed YOU forced on me.
I do need to cancel my Unlimited Local Calling phone service with you as
I no longer need a home phone.

Can you provide me with what my monthly cost would be for MACH 5 Internet speed

Please respond to me as soon as possible.

Below is my previous email to RCN sent to them multiple times:

I no longer need a phone line that doesn't even provide us with caller ID and answering machine and I never asked for MACH 20 internet service when I only want MACH 5.

My internet service has been unilaterally chosen by RCN not by me your
On Jan 01, 2013 RCN has unilaterally forced MACH 20 internet service on us increasing our bundled service to $69 (plus 13.36 in tax and fees). Jan 01,
2012 (Mach 15) we paid $57 bundled service (plus tax and fees), Jan 01, 2011 (MACH 5) we paid $50 bundled service (plus tax & fees), and Jan 01, 2010 (MACH 1.5) we paid $48.96 bundled service (plus tax & fees).

I've been a customer of RCN since Jan 2001 but due to cost & customer service I'm going to have to cancel my RCN account effective 02/01/2013.

Thank you for your time.
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Gainesville, VA
reply to mastergunner

Re: [Other] RCN Forced increased speed = Norwood, PA

mastergunner - I would like to look into this for you. Would you mind sending the name on your account privately to me through IM?

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