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Cote Saint-Luc, QC
reply to draknar

Re: [Off-Topic] Windows 8

said by draknar:

Est-ce que c'est possible de télécharger un iso de win8 à partir de Microsoft ou c'est carrément obliger de pogner un win7 "légal" et de passer la "mise à jour". Je trouve que c'est vraiment pas bien indiqué sur leur site web.

You can buy the Win 8 upgrade from Microsoft for as little as $14.95 as I did, but only until the end of January. You have the option to save it as an iso, no problem. Right now I am playing with it in a virtual machine to see if I even like it, which I do not. I am thoroughly unimpressed with the Metro interface.

I will confirm however, that it is possible to use the upgrade to perform a complete install without a copy of any other OS on an empty hard drive. I did it and it is done the same way as it is with the WIndows 7 Pro upgrade version. It involves a very simple registry change......really very simple and it works no problem.
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