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reply to voxframe

Re: Discussion about log retention

said by voxframe:

said by ekster:

Everyone needs to realize if Teksavvy (or anyone else) starts playing the technical card and keep no logs at all, or for a very short time, the police, the entertainment companies and the politicians will just push a law to get rid of that and make a law that will force everyone to keep logs.

That's their problem. In the end we need to stand up and do something about it now before it starts. Once they start and the people scream, nothing ever happens about it, the screaming just eventually goes down. Get your foot in the door first.

why if police get a complaint and enough evidence to gte a warrant then TSI can log that ip, why should everyone be logged

I am one person of 5000 recetn disabled person to have there data disappear and let me tell you how htis goes and its bound to happen here as well in time.

A) because records were lost for 1.5 years , i was not living where i was
B) no rent receipts means i owed them 1.5 years rent money
C) the apparent address they had for me was a house sold by my father then resold to hells angels bikers whom just recently sold it...
D) aint that great you have me paying no rent at a hells angels biker house....
you want stress that will do it.
AND let me tell ya that got solved fraking quick on threat of a lawsuit.
and there is no excuse not to protect data as if it were level ten top secret
ergo no one in room can be alone with unencrypted data
when its moved you have it encrypted and moved by one person and the key for it is separate and both people with such are watched.

i doubt you guard my data and privacy in this regard so why keep 90 days of it , if you need stats you can run and keep stats BUT you wont need details of anything less then "this area this bandwidth at certain times, you dont require so n so doing this all day or that.

So my question is when my data turns up on the internet or whatever are you saving to get sued because you didnt safeguard it and what safeguards are you putting in place not to look like govt retards.