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Tavistock NJ

[Soccer] Part 2 - Egypt Soccer riots

Back just about a year ago, soccer fans from 2 Egyptian cities didn't like the games outcome and rioted with many dead resulting. »[Soccer] Egypt Soccer Fans Rush Field After Game, 74 Dead

Well today we get part 2 of this insanity as the courts sentenced a bunch of fans to death over the initial riots. The Said soccer fans weren't happy with the verdict and rioted AGAIN. And again many more dead.

And all over a soccer match.

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Egypt’s new government lost control of a major city, Port Said, on Saturday as rampaging soccer fans attacked the main jail, drove police officers from the streets and cut off all access to the city.

Set off by the sentencing of 21 Port Said soccer fans to death...

By evening, fighting in the streets had left at least 30 people dead, mostly from gunfire, and injured more than 300. Residents said they were afraid to leave their homes.

Rioters sacked and burned a police barracks; attacked police stations, the Port Said power plant and the jail, where the convicted men were being held; and closed off all roads to the city as well as the railroad station.

The case that set off the riot grew out of a deadly brawl last February between rival groups of hard-core fans of soccer teams from Cairo and Port Said at a match in Port Said. The hard-core fans, called Ultras, are known for their appetite for violence against either rival fans or the police. Some had smuggled knives and other weapons into the stadium, security officials said at the time.

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