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Edmonton, AB
reply to seriosbrad

Re: [AB] Erratic usenet speeds lately?

Hi seriosbrad.....sounds like a similar situation to what i have here...although, the last 2-3 days before i switched to the 50 line i noticed some consistent speed impairment on the 25 line. I have tried nntp and non-nntp and the the non-nntp ports have made a fairly big difference....i just now D/L a 25Gb block via Sabnzbd+ 0.7.3 and probably averaged 4.5MB/s+....i should be at 6.0+ really, considering my 25 line was pegged for the most part at 2.9-3.0MB/s. I've had the best success with SSL 443 so far.

I've done quite a bit of backnforth w/ giganews techsupport over the last day or two.....there does appear to be erratic/impaired speeds between the server clusters i get routed to from my ip...over the 6-7 hops there is high latency and speed variations from one test to the next of 10-15+ Mbps. They said they looked into a 'speed ticket' that would route my ip specifically over a more efficient route to their servers...but my max D/L seems to be in the neighborhood of the max speedtest to a location in close proximity to their servers. They suggest with a line averaging 52+, the weak links along the way are now the limiting factor...which would have been hidden with a 25 line. Doesn't explain why i've had the problem on my 25 line also. Something isn't right as you say.

I may switch out usenet service just to reduce cost...i'm a bit horrified to see my rates compared to other outfits...signed up a long time ago, when giganews had way longer binary retention than anyone else. Who do you like? Easy? Astra? Supernews?....other?



Lethbridge, AB

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I also used to be on Giganews as well, but these smaller guys like Astranews and Usenetserver offer high speeds and much cheaper plans with good retention.

The $10 Usenetserver package, is a great deal. You won't have a problem hitting your 50Mb cap when Telus gets their shit together, I have personally been with them for 3 years now.


I just tried supernews, since they have a free 3day/10gb trial. Same results. I averaged 2.8MB/s on all ports.

Assuming they are not throttling, how do we get Telus to look into fixing this?

Here is a reply from usenetserver support:

You're the third person in a row to have Telus and report slow speeds. What's odd is that there is no middle man, your ISP directly peers with our ISP, so you should have one of the better connections. There's nothing more that I can do for you on your end, but I'll put this with our other traceroutes - if we can get a few more like it we can make a case for investigation. Thank you for your time and patience in this matter.

Usenetserver Support

So if there is no 'middle man'. Is Telus throttling usenet, for sure?


Edmonton, AB
I don't know.....i guess it would start with sufferering through the nightmare that is Telus tech-support & then see where that takes you.

When i get a chance today i am going to trial a couple other usenet providers & see what the speeds are like. Also going to try and reverify the difference between say port 119 and 443. Intitially there was quite a large jump for me ~~1.5-2.0 MB/s

If you run a speedtest that is located roughly where your usent providers servers are, what are the speeds?


I noticed that from 8am to 11pm MST I only get 1/2 my connection speed when using Usenetnow (Readnews). And from 11pm to 8am I can usually almost max out my connection.


Abbotsford, BC
I use astraweb, and lately, instead of the full 6 MB/s i also get a slowdown from around 9 in the morning until after dinner time, but it seems to be around 4 MB/s at the minimum. Maybe it's the news server that can't keep up? Steam is also significantly slower during those times but seems to be faster when there isnt a large sale on or it's later at night...


Well, just as I guessed.

Seems to be some sort of throttling going on from 8am to 11pm MST on usenet server side, not ISP.

Currently maxing my connection at 52.7Mbps.
24.8Mbps from 8am-11pm MST.