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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to rustydusty

Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

said by rustydusty:

Regardless, his "speed issues" could very well be on his side of the Shaw device, not a congestion or line issue. Simply bashing Shaw for slow speeds, I usually encourage people to switch to Telus to feel the real definition of slow speeds. Especially when you only qualify for a 6Mb profile

Don't know if that statement always holds true, rusty

Went to my brothers house the other day. He got telus gpon the other week, I was impressed. He had 50/10 I beleive. Not sure what the limit for Gpon is but he has no prime time slow down. They converted the whole town to fiber to the house. Kinda want to move to Comox. lol

Can't wait for it to hit my area.


Calgary, AB

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Fiber to the house, and all they can do is 50/10?

They are doing that with a DSL varient in some places...

rustydusty didn't say it would allways hold true, only that "could very well be on his side"

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