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Re: Dont fall for their trap

said by rgsalinger:

After 18 months of experience with Uverse I'd say that it's a trap. Clearly ATT has rolled out something which is simply not a reliable service.

There exist AT&T customers with legacy ADSL, and longstanding problems.

There exist AT&T customers with U-verse ADSL2+/VDSL, and trouble free operation.

DSL, regardless of the revision level, is dependent on the condition of the wiring; plant or premises.

Each installation is, mostly, unique, so any one customer's experience normally can't be extrapolated as a "class" problem.
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Norman I could not agree more, there are no two installs the same, I don't care if they are fed by the same terminal. There are so many factors that can cause interference. I have said this from the beginning when I first started, leave it to ATT and Microsoft (IPTV) to come up with the most complex way to deliver video, data and voice. It is an antiquated solution. They should ReThink what they are doing because uverse is over compressed video and slow internet, thats it. When 24Mb is the fastest internet available thats ridiculous. They could offer 30-50 Mb on many internet only connections but they choose not to because in my opinion they do not want people to start cutting the video in lieu of internet only video services. Its just greed and thats reflected in poor quality techs in the field today.