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reply to Blackbird

Re: Anonymous Hacks United States Sentencing Commission Webpage

said by Blackbird:

If the three-letter agencies are only half as capable at swallowing the digital ocean as many tinfoil-hatters suspect, and if Anonymous turns out to be only half as skilled as they pretend to be, there's a predictable train-wreck coming for many of those hiding behind the Guy Fawkes masks. If you twist a lion's tail, you run a risk; if you twist the tails of a pride of lions, you invite disaster. Just sayin'...

Your right to bring attention a perception of how events may transpire from the latest offerings from anonymous....even if it sounds a little "Episode II The empire strikes back".

The text and video needs to be re-written from a more subdued and normalized response that conveys the aspirational aims that this political come war machine void is attempting to fill.

It's all a little too Hollywood for me.