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Tempe, AZ
reply to LazMan

Re: Jailbreaking cell phones to become ILLEGAL at midnight

said by LazMan:

said by Juggernaut:

said by LazMan:

The ETFs (at least in Canada) are typically limited to about $200...

That is not correct at all, and not even close to the reality of ETF's.

Straight from TELUS' website - the maximum fee is $200. Rogers talks about a "Device Savings Recovery Fee" and uses formula's I haven't seen since Gr 12 calculus... But if I get the gist of it, they are actually charging for the remaining amount of the subsidy, plus a $50 cancellation fee. Bell charges a minimum of $100 to a max of $400 to cancel early.

I was right about TELUS policy - Roger's changed theirs in '12, and I wasn't up on the changes... my bad...

That seems like a real shady Policy on the companies behalf. Lets them open to cell phone scams and the such. An early termination fee should include the total cost of the smartphone minus the subsidized price you paid.