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Happy RCN

[Connectivity] Packet loss in Somerville, MA

Every few minutes the connection will drop packets for a few seconds, then resume. More frequently than that, it will just drop a couple packets. This is not noticeable if you're streaming a movie or browsing the web, but very obvious in ssh/rdp or anything of the sort. If I run a continuous ping, I will get around 5-8% packet loss overall.

Tried restarting the modem and router, did not resolve the issue.

The » is showing that I have less than my typical bandwidth (probably due to packet loss).

As far as I know, this is a very recent thing, perhaps today only or last few days (today is Jan 26).

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Your encoded mac address would be helpful:

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Happy RCN
reply to Happy RCN
Still having the issue with dropped packets and 2-5 second outages in Somerville, MA.


Happy RCN
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Continuing to have poor service in Somerville, MA with less than typical bandwidth and periodic packet loss.

RCN, please don't increase prices this month while decreasing quality of service.