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La Grange, KY

[E-Mail] Insight email authentication fails - frequency increasi

Over the last several months, I have seen email authentication errors, using remembered credentials, all of my email accounts, any email client (although OL2007 is my main), any network path (ie; inside Insight or not), and multiple devices/OS. Most of the time an immediate re-try goes through in all above scenarios. Occurrance began in about five months ago, maybe a couple times a day, now it is several times an hour most days.

After several set-up checks, hardware recycle and testing, Insight was able to reproduce the issue in their office and forwarded the issue to Synacor.

Today, Synacor responded via Insight: Unable to reproduce the problem and closed the ticket as resolved. I seriously doubt Synacor TSS spent a great deal of time trying.

Email is obviously a value-added or non-itemized feature as far as billing goes, so one will likely not get any reduction for a failing email system. Like others, I long ago learned NOT to depend on Insight email as my primary.

In Oldham County KY, broadband options are quite limited so I am somewhat stuck with this. If your having the same issue, don't count on anyone getting too interested in resolving it particularly if the problem is at Synacor which is where I strongly suspect it is.

I am told Synacor has some 'help' information to pass along.. sure hope they don't try to email me.


Lexington, KY

Re: [E-Mail] Insight email authentication fails - frequency incr

That's disappointing as I've been seeing the same problem. I had to change Outlook to only check for new mail every 30 minutes instead of every 5 minutes because of frequent problems.

I should probably switch to gmail or outlook.com for my email server. Insight should realize that when people do that it makes it much easier for them to switch broadband providers as well - it would be in their best interest to fix the problem. If they move everyone to some Time Warner email address in the future I'll definitely switch to another mail server then.