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Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Xander

Re: Modem line stats

said by Xander:

Hello community,

I have just recently acquainted with time Warner internet services.I currently set up with there 30Mbps DL and 5Mbps UL.
Tw has set me up with the Arris TG852 modem,I set this modem into bridge mode and using a Western Digital My Net N900 router.
I was curious about my line stats,Which i have posted a screen shot.
I had two splitters,one being a 5 way@ 1000mhz and the other being a two way @ 1000mhz.What i have done was removed the 5 way splitter and just used the two way splitter,One to the modem and the other to the cable box.By doing this i seen no change in the modem stats.This is my first time around cable services.
What i am trying to do is get the most optimal signal levels i can achieve.So is there anything else i can do to help improve these line stats?What do you fellow members think about my current line stats?

The only thing that I am wondering about is are you missing some downstream channels? I noticed you are missing downstream 1,2,8 which makes me want to say that you do have noise as I can't see TWC using their channel space like that I have never seen channels spaced from 729MHZ to 765MHz without there being a downstream channel in the middle unless your system is an odd ball systems it looks like your system is 860MHz from having 777MHz used for an internet channel.

also you are missing upstreams 2 and 3.