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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to The Mongoose

Re: They pick up quick, but I might as well talk to hold music

said by The Mongoose:

said by Tx:

This is about the 4th post i've seen pushing the customer to leave and signup elsewhere. How about encouraging the customers who are upset to have patience no matter how frustrated they are and keep Teksavvy's growth up, not push customers away. I've never understood this just because the customer doesn't meet the "happiness criteria"?

Marc answered pretty fairly, level headed, honest. Let's stop pushing customers BACK to the big guys since that works against TSI, not with. I guarantee you, Marc, Andre, Martin or 30 other TSI staff can easily defuse most of these and keep the business rather than lose it.

Not trying to argue or be rude, just being honest. Everyone needs to switch away form the big ISP's. In order to do so, even the upset/frustrated customers need to come too.

I hear you. It's why I kept (mostly) silent. But when I see how hard the TSI guys try to keep everyone happy, I get pretty irritated whenever the latest person creates their account titled "TSISucks" or "TSIFail" and comes on here howling about the injustices they have suffered (like fees that Rogers imposes). The sense of entitlement drips from every word; no amount of communication from TSI staff is enough. It's so predictable and so unbelievably boring at this point, and I think it's why people default to a "please just leave so we'll be rid of you" response, which we should all work harder to avoid in general.

Stating your problem and asking for a solution will earn you as much assistance as this community can provide. Being rude and belligerent while making unreasonable monetary demands will not.

Absolutely agree, but i find it's a loose loose for us and TSI to send or suggest anyone go back to Robellus. It works against the little guy. So even the entitled ones, though it may take more patience it'll work out in our favor (our being the most of us on DSLR who hate the monopolies)