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« Belkin isn't that bad..Bye belkin »
This is a sub-selection from Blech!


Helena, MT
reply to HarryH3

Re: Blech!

Yugo's weren't actually nearly that bad... Owners were failing to even get oil changes on the things since they were so cheap, they attracted buying who didn't put as much love into their investment. Even those who did failed to do more major work like timing belt changes - leading to engines destroyed that way. Also, the engine design required midgrade fuel (89 Octane min).

Fed the required fuel (slightly more expensive), and maintained properly, they were decent little cars if you kept your expectations reasonable.


Los Angeles, CA

Yugo GV

I had a Yugo GV Paid $150000 USD It was my first car. no synchronous gearbox, but I added air and am/fm casette. I had it for 86,000 miles and i only had to replace the clutch and alternator as the major issues. always put in high test petrol.
lovely car.