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Accessing Network Share from Browser

I have a network share which is a USB drive off of a router. When I enter file://RouterIP/share in IE8 I get the Windows explorer opened to the share. In FF, nothing at all happens. Do I have a config setting wrong?

Also, when I enter file:///// in the FF URL it shows me the directory of my C: drive, but even though there are links, none of them are click-able or can be navigated. Is this perhaps a config setting? In IE8, that doesn't work at all. I cannot find anything on the next regarding this URL.

My goal would be to access the network share from FF directly. Is this possible?

Carpentersville, IL
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First question, which version of Firefox are you using? Just asking so that when people start to test / make suggestions, we are all on the same page.

Now, I'm running Waterfox 18.0.1, which should match functionally of Firefox 18.0.1.

If I open a new tab, and enter the following line in the address bar

I get what is shown in the above picture.

In my case, my links (the directory names) are clickable, and I can drill down into them, and go back up.

It appears to be working just like an FTP server would be working inside the browser, at least that is how I see it.

As far as I know, I made no change to Waterfox to get it to function that way. If you want, I can tell you exactly every modification I did make to the configuration menus from a default install.

Finally to compare, below is what I have in regards to Extensions, Appearance, and Plug-ins.

  • NONE

  • Default 18.0.1 (the default theme)

    Plugins that I have enabled
  • Shockwave Flash 11.5.502.146
  • Silverlight Plug-In 5.1.10411.0

    I think the first step would be to verify that Firefox works the way it should with browsing your local C drive. Once that is working, then I would think what you have suggested should work for browsing network locations as well.


    --Brian Plencner

    E-Mail: CoasterBrian72Cancer@gmail.com
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  • bbear2
    Thanks for the suggestions. I am running 17.0.1 of FF. When I use the file://c: - things work fine, as expected and as you stated. If I manually map the network drive to a letter and then use that letter file://x: that works as expected too. In both cases I can navigate properly up and down. None of this works at all in IE8.

    What I'd like to be able to do now is the same as the above but without having to manually map the network drive first. I'd like to use the IP/sharename somehow and without the x: letter.