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Ai Otsukaholic
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reply to TexasRebel

Re: Just plain effin tired of it all...

The unemployment stat you are looking for is the U6 number., currently 14.4%.

As bad as the carriers are, the government is worse and woefully incompetent. There is no more corrupt or greedy organization in the nation than the Federal Government. European style quasi-socialism doesn't work and leads to persistent debt and unemployment. Even in Germany, unemployment is increasing, 8th month in a row and currently 6.8%. Now keep in mind that high number is still near their 20 year low. You want 8-10% U3 unemployment (15-20% U6) to be the new normal? How about $9/gal gas...what do you think that would do to our fragile economy? Naw, I don't think you want that.

Perhaps if American's still had a work ethic you could make it work but given Gen Y is a bunch of lazy narcissists and politicians dumb as shit, it is doomed to failure; we would end up like Greece (not that we aren't already heading that way thanks to a new plurality of low information "Obama-phone" voters with an unprecedented sense of entitlement).

Meanwhile you can get Straight Talk for $45. I have 100min voice unlimited txt and data from T-Mobile for $30. It's hardly breaking the bank.