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[KS] SB6121 versus DPC 3010 - which one is preferable?

I have been having connection problems (unreliable speed, often dropping down to less than 5 Mbps) for a couple of months. A technician recommended a new DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I purchased a Motorola SB6121, and things improved for a few days, then problems reappeared. Some information on the Web suggests that this particular modem may have issues with the Cox network under certain circumstances. A couple of days ago I ordered a Cisco DPC 3010, which is highly recommended. When I connected it, the lights flashed yellow instead of green, which apparently means no channel bonding.

My question is: is the Cisco really supposed to be better than the Motorola, to the point that I should try to go through the pain of troubleshooting it and see if it makes a difference compared to the Motorola, or are the two more or less equivalent?

I have premiere service in Topeka, KS.

Thank you for any suggestion you may have!



Mesa, AZ
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I've been pretty disappointed with my Cisco modem. The web interface on it regularly crashes and requires a reboot to access, and it shows very little in the way of useful troubleshooting information.

I had a Motorola one before, it worked great. I had to replace it when docsis 3 hit and there was no Motorola docsis 3 equivalent available at the time. I think I am going to get an SB6141 in a bit.

BTW isn't google fiber coming to Topeka eventually? Screw cable, get that if you can.


Thanks for your note. I have noticed that the information on the set up screen of the Cisco modem is very scanty, I think in part because I cannot access the password-protected portion.

Google is coming to Kansas City, no word about Topeka, unfortunately. We tried, but they beat us....

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Please keep everything in one post...

Multiple threads about the same thing messes up helping you.

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