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reply to Coma

Re: Water Hammer: Possible Causes?

said by Coma:

In lieu of an expansion tank, I have seen a short length of pipe, capped and plumbed in vertical to the water supply line.

Old plumbers trick.

This is the way most houses have been piped for decades locally. And the air can get out of these risers. the way to fix it is to drain all the water from the pipes and than turn the water back on again.
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Agreed, the water will absorb the air and eventually fill the riser. Same thing with the old style open expansion tanks. You have to periodically drain them as they would become water logged over time.

Piping in a riser, old school style, is an interesting idea. A guy could put in a couple valves and tee to empty it without pulling down the entire house. But if you are going to go that far, just stick an expansion tank in the system.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I never thought of the expansion tank. We had an issue with the hot water heater in Jan of 2010. The pressure release valve got stuck open, and hot water poured out in the basement. Luckily, we were home and I can't imagine it was going on for more than an hour, so it wasn't a huge deal, but the valve and the expansion tank were replaced at that time.

I'll check out the little test procedure anyway. For now, the hammer arresters have done the trick.

Thanks for the info/explanations.
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