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Michigan, US
reply to esteeze

Re: RG unresponsive each morning

Holy moley! If you are only 1000 ft from the VRAD, you have some extremely serious issues with your line to only get a max rate of less than 40,000. I agree with UT, not only should you get a new gateway, you need a prem tech. to go from gateway to NID to look for issues, as well as get I&R out there and go through your line from your NID to the VRAD with a fine tooth comb and figure out where the problems are. Something is majorly wrong between you and the VRAD for those kinds of numbers.

To give you an idea of how low your max rate is, I sync at more than 7000 higher than that, and I'm twice the distance you are from the VRAD, and my rate isn't considered all that good even for my distance. I'm honestly amazed your service has apparently worked as well as it has until just recently with what must be monumental faults on your line.