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Orlando, FL

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Re: [Hardware] iDEN Shuts Down; Sprint Network Vision 800MHz CDM

I have a friend on the inside that says they will be deploying 1xA on the SMR frequency. Hopefully that's actually part of it.


The big problem I'm having right now is just getting a reliable signal into the house. I have 1 bar (-95 to -103dBm) standing on top of my roof.
I just installed the Wilson DB Pro, which consists of the amplifier, panel antenna for indoors, and directional Yagi for outdoors. The Yagi is mounted on a 10' mast, attached to the chimney. Just enough RG6 cable comes down to connect to the 'amplifier' unit. Another shorter RG6 connects the indoor jack to the panel antenna, on the hallway ceiling. Now the only place where I get a really reliable signal is standing UNDER the panel antenna. Pretty good signal within 8' of the panel. But more than that starts to get marginal.
Downstairs, there is one spot that is okay, directly under that part of the hallway where the panel antenna is.
Outdoors, I found out I get no signal when the Yagi is aimed at the towers down the road. A friend had posited a theory that maybe my 6 bars is a false reading of something out of band from another provider and not the actual phone signal. Although he also pointed out there's a Sprint tower across the lake and at that spot, it's a line of sight shot to that part of the road, so I could be seeing a tower to the west, through a break in the topography of the land. At the house, we're blocked to the west by a 15' rise in the land at the edge of our property. We have a similar hill to the south of us, between us and the towers.
The only direction where I get a signal is facing east/southeast. It's a marginal signal and according to the map, it's a tower in the next town over from us, a few miles away.
I'm having a lot of issues with dead spots in the house. Some areas I get 5 out of 6 bars, but move the phone an inch and it's zero bars. Also, can't put the phone in my pocket--it loses signal. That isn't a problem when I'm driving though. My commute to pick up a family member at her job in another part of the state is solid coverage on this phone. I get good coverage inside of every store, shopping center or public building I've been in, too. My house is the ONLY place where I have poor coverage.
The OpenSignal app shows clusters of antennas within 3-4 miles, but each with a radius of 1/4 mile or so, based on the color coding. The signals literally follow the roads and highways, but a ways off the roads and no coverage shown on the map.

At this point, I'm wondering what I can do to get Sprint onto the tower near me. I know that when the foliage comes back in the spring, our marginal signal is going to go away almost completely. I wish they'd hurry up and make the 800MHz service go live. I never had trouble with 800MHz. Even my old 900MHz cordless phone would work all the way to the end of the road, while my new 2.4Ghz cordless barely work at the other end of the house. It's odd how the industry is moving toward frequencies that are less reliable for penetrating obstructions.

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said by bobjohnson:

I have a friend on the inside that says they will be deploying 1xA on the SMR frequency. Hopefully that's actually part of it.

No need to be on the inside to know that. They are already deploying it in some areas. Chicago, DFW, Baltimore, and North CA so far. More are on the way. The areas that won't get it are the border states dealing with agreements with Mex and CA. A couple states won't get 800 LTE due to Southerlinc hanging on to their licenses there.