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Mayhem til the AM
Tuckahoe, NY

What does uncorrectables mean?

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Is it bad? How do you fix it?
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Re: What does uncorrectables mean?

There are Lost Packets, Corrected Packets, and Uncorrected Packets.

Lost Packets are gone, never made it.
Corrected Packets are corrupted packets that are repaired.
Uncorrected Packets are packets that are missing data and damaged. Ever get a zip file that is corrupt? You have the zip file but it's damaged and can't be opened. Similar to that.

Levels look good +2 to +3 (-10 to +10)
SNR for the most part is good. >36 is perfect.
603 is the worst, there is an off air signal coming out of NYC that can get into loose connections and cause 603 SNR to drop.

Assuming Octet means total packets, to be honest I'm not really sure if thats what it is here, even at 1086/727883483 (approx 1 out of every 727,883 packets is corrupt) it's not bad.

Only a meter will tell where uncorr/corr packets are coming from.

Grab a 7/16 wrench and tighten all connections in the house. Don't over tighten connections connected to devices (cable modem, box, tv)


Eatontown, NJ
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Uncorrectable could be the result of wiring issues or ground issues within your premises or outside.

I've had OOL for many years without any significant issues. Then for about a year I was plagued with internet outages. Checking the status page showed tens of thousands of uncorrectables.

I had cablevision in about 3 times they couldn't fix the issue, even gave me an Arris modem.

One day, the uncorrectables virtually stopped for no apparent reason to me. A few days ago the modem rebooted and I had 8 downstream channels. After 5 days of uptime, I have a bunch of correcteds but no uncorrectables on any channel.

The problem is those buggers (the uncorrecteds) cause the internet to drop or disconnect for a period of time and caused my last modem to reboot; killing OV. Very annoying.


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What you see is perfectly normal.