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Kitchener, ON
reply to d4m1r

Re: SMTP Servers?

Yes. I don't know about Teksavvy's SMTP servers, but when I was unfortunately with Bell (long story there) and from my experience with Google, the recipient on the receiving end of the email would see something like "John Smith on behalf of John Smith " instead of "John Smith ". As a general rule, a lot of SPAM filters will catch this as being suspicious, including Microsoft (including Bell, Hotmail, Live, Sympatico, MSN, etc), Rogers, Google, AOHell (formerly AOL *lol*).

Perhaps Teksavvy can shed some light on this? If Teksavvy's SMTP servers do not force this to show up on the receiver's side, I will officially have yet another reason for absolutely loving their service. Also, just for informational purposes, does Teksavvy have a limit on the maximum number of daily email relays that can be used? I know a lot of providers including Rogers, and Dyn Standard have a limit of 150 relays per day, so I'm just wondering if Teksavvy imposes caps on the daily usage as a SPAM prevention policy like the rest of the providers.


Oakville, ON
To avoid the "on behalf of", you just have to tell GMail/Google Apps to use Teksavvy's SMTP server to relay mail that should appear as though it's coming from (or whatever). See this Google blog post for more information: » ··· out.html