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Effingham, IL

[IL] Frequent Dropouts with Mediacom

For the past month I have had dropouts with Mediacoms Internet Service. Service stops, the modem goes to two lights, then no lights then finally reboots. They've been to my house 4 times, replaced the cable, replaced the modem and I still have the problem. They denied it could still be happening so I posted a video on Youtube and have been keeping track of the outages (by setting up a ping to a website with a fallback in case website 1 is down for some reason. So far today dropouts at 7:22, 8:16, 9:14, 9:15, and 10:46 It's like this most of the time. Typically it's down for about 2 minutes. I'm at my wits end with them and considering switching to dsl however I'm stubborn and want to see this fixed. The last person I talked to at Mediacom said they will start charging me if I request another service call.

I don't think this is right. I've documented the problem with video, sent them log files. I have indisputable proof this is happening. Anyone have suggestions for my next step?

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
I see that you only have the internet service with us, but do you have any splitters connected? There are no area issues that I am seeing.


Effingham, IL
Yes I only have Mediacom for Internet, Not TV. I don't have splitters that I'm aware of, and like I said Mediacom has been here 4 times in the last 2 weeks. If a splitter were the problem you would think they would have found it. Bottom line is lights go out on the modem...this is before the router.

I'll send you the link to the Youtube video through pm

reply to jeffgtr60
Service calls are not free but most of the time Mediacom does not charge for them for some reason (they want to nickle and dime you but won't charge $100 for a service call ). Techs can double check your wiring and modem, check your signal history by calling Tier 2 and if everything checks out - the job is done. Your notes about intermittent internet mean nothing to techs IF everything is OK when a tech is on site and your signal history is not showing any issues. Even if your signal history shows an issue but at the time of the call it's all good it's going to be hard to pinpoint the issue. A tech can't fix something that is not broken. What a tech can do is start a complete rewire of your home except he doesn't have the time to do it and you won't like the bill if he charges you for it.

So if you keep calling for an issue that Mediacom can not see they will start charging you for sure. Your best bet is to deal with Chad only and not with customer service at all.
I speak for myself, not my employer.


reply to jeffgtr60
Dealing with Chad is the only way to go. We are all lucky to have him.