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Re: [Cable] Youtube lags at night still, upgrade cache servers?

said by JMJimmy:

Here's what I can confirm:

1) The issue appears on all sites, Windows 8, FF 18, Flash versions 11.5.502.133 to 146

2) The issue does not appear on any sites, Windows 7, FF 18, Flash version 11.3.300.257

When I tested the systems were connected to the same network, videos played one after the other, no other transfers going on, playing the same video (Iron Man 3 trailer, 1080p).

so... it's still not flash eh?

You just proved me right so NO, it is not flash....Why? Because flash is working perfectly fine on even your other (Win7) PC. Therefore, YOUR PC (Win8) is the blame. This is amplified by the fact that I am running 3 different versions of flash on 3 different operating systems and the problem only happens on TSI and most often, during peak usage hours.

That how we all know it's something on Google's/TSI's end. For the purposes of this thread, please do not post issues about your Win8 config issues as that is clearly a local issue with that PC. We would be more interested if youtube videos are buffering on that Win7 PC for example, that is otherwise working fine.
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