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Appointment notification call from Rogers?


I'm transferring my internet service from Rogers to Start on Jan 28.

Start notified me few weeks in advance that "With transfers there is no need for a technician to visit and you can simply plug in or reboot your modem on your transfer date"

I was busy working on something and Rogers called me out of nowhere saying "you have an appointment tomorrow. Say goodbye to cancel an appointment or just hang up or change schedule".
giving me only 3choices and asking me to select one right now...

It was an automated call and I was like 'wth.... where is this coming from '
and I said "Goodbye" to cancel an appointment

So I was wondering, is Rogers technician suppose to coming over tomorrow or I just needed to plug in the modem and start the internet??

Start Laurie
London, ON
If you are transferring your service over there is no need for a tech to visit. Just to be sure can you PM me your name/account number and I'll take a look to ensure it is properly set as a transfer? Thank you!



4 edits
Well, few minutes ago I've received a reply saying my account is set properly for transfer and there is no need for visit.
But what I was wondering is, it seemed like appointment was booked through Start
(because Rogers contacted me through my cellphone # which is only registered in Start)

hmm. anyway I guess everything is good now